Dr.Jai Kiran Kini 

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(Ph.d.scholar ,MD Rognidan and vikrutividnyan)

Associate Professor, YMT Ayurvedic Medical college, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Keywords- annvahasrotas dushti, vidagdha,avipaka, annanabhilasha


 Psorasis is not considered as fully skin disease and have negative impact on many systems of the body as well as mind and social well being .This disease has affected 3% of the world. Many research and clinical trials are going on as well as completed but still it’s a topic of study. According modern science this has been associated with increased risk of cancers, CVD, ulcerative colitis and many more.

 According to ayurveda it considered as kustha and mainly involves  dushti of rakta,lasika ,twak,mansa  and three doshas. Aama is one of the important focusing factor for every dushti in Annavaha srotas as well as it is the root cause of all diseases explained by ayurveda.The concept of Ama differs and having its own outstanding pattern and causative factors for every diseases as a root cause.

Study of factors involved and exact pattern of Annavaha srotas dushti  in etiopathogenesis of psoriasis ,may help to prevent the further spread and to control of this disease.


·      1.   Charak chikikitsasthan- 7/4-8, sootrasthan-26, Madhav nidan kushtha 25-49

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