Vd. sou Jagtap P.S. M.S., Vd Nalge P.S. M.D, VD. Salgare U.V. M.D. , Vd. Bhavar V.R. M.D., Vd. Bhambare R.R. M.D.

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In majority women there are many problem in prakrut prasav so in these women we tried the experiment to rule out the role of ayurvedic remedy in prakrut prasava.

Methods & findings –

            Madhu yashti & sahachar tail Anuvasana Basti was given to thirtyone patients in obs & gynac department from G.s. gune ayurved hospital ahmednagar. Tal & Dist ahmednagar maharashtra state india detected for prakrut prasava. Basti given at the eight days interval during ninth month of gestation.

Conculsion –

            The drugs was found effective in treatment of prakrut prasava in 27 patient. In 3 patients drugs was not effective so L.s.c.s. done.

Abbreviations –

1) Charak samhita

2) Vagbhata samhita


3) Sushruta samhita


Vd. sou Jagtap P.S.

                        M.S. (Stree Rog Prasuti Tantra)

                        Lecturer stree rog prasuti tantra department

                        G.S. gune ayurved college ahmednagar.

            2)         Vd Nalge P.S.

                        M.D.(Sharir Rachana ) M.D. (Kayachikitsa) Ph.D

                        Professor & H.O.D – Sharir rachana Dept.

                        G.S. gune ayurved college Ahmednagar.

            3)         VD. Salgare U.V.

                        M.D. sharir rachana.

                        Associate professor – Sharir rachana Dept. 

                         G.S. gune ayurved college ahmednagar.

            4)         Vd. Bhavar V.R.

                        M.D. ( Agadtantra)

                        Lecturer & H.O.D Agadtantra Dept.

                        G.S. gune ayurved college Ahmednagar.

            5)         Vd. Bhambare R.R.

                        M.D. (Samhita)

                        Lecturer Samhita Dept.


                        G.S. gune ayurved college Ahmednagar.