1Dr. Rahul Jain, 2Dr. Pramod Chandra Dwivedi, 3Dr. Dinesh Patil, 4Dr. Prachi Kawthekar

DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.18535/ijahm/v7i5.10

 1 & 2M.D. Scholar, 3Lecturer, 4Professor

P.G.Deptt. of Panchakarma, Shubhdeep Ayurved Medical College & Hospital [P.G. Institute],   Near chokhi dhani, village: Datoda

Indore, 452020, Madhya Pradesh, India


Today’s generation is  crazy about having fast food, cold beverages, working late nights in A.C. room with computers, excessive bike riding or car driving and also environmental pollution. Vata dosha being the predominant dosha in the body gets primarily vitiated and manifests different diseases.

Basti karma” is the most perfect remedy, as it radically eliminates the morbid vata, the sole dosha responsible for management of all dosha, dhatu and malas in body.'

Basti is administered by enema can method, one more method though less in practice is drip method especially Brihama Basti. The possible advantages of this method are

  1. It’s less expensiveness
  2. It retends in the body for long time so it can increase the chance of absorption.