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IJAHM Latest Issue IJAHM have published its latest issue Vol. 8 Issue 05 2018 published IJAHM Call For Paper invites paper from various Ayurveda & herbal Medicine for Volume 8 Issue 05 Sept.-Oct. 2018 ...... Impact Factor : 4.415

1Dr. Om Prakash Panwar , 2 Dr.Suparna Saha, 3Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sharma

4 Dr.Parimi Suresh, 5Dr. K.Shankar Rao

1,2 MD scholar, Dept.of Rasashastra & bhaisajya kalpana,NIA,Jaipur

3Assistant Professor, Dept.of Rasashastra & bhaisajya kalpana,NIA,Jaipur

4 Professor, Dept.of Rasashastra & bhaisajya kalpana,NIA,Jaipur 

5Professor, Head of the Dept. of Rasashastra & bhaisajya kalpana,NIA,Jaipur

Abstract :

Rasoushadies; the organometallic formulations have been in use in the treatment of diabetes with their excellence for centuries. But now-a-days it has become necessary to allay the prevailing notions regarding safety and efficacy of Rasoushadis. Indravati is one of  such excellent herbomineral preparation described in the Rasendra sara sangrah  pramehadhikara. Content  of  Indra vati are Mrita Parad(Rasa sindoora) ,Vanga bhasma, Arjuna Twak Churna,Shalmalli moola kwatha etc. In the present paper detail review of indravati and its role in the management of diabetes will be given.                                     

Key words: Indravati, Vanga bhasma,Madhumeha,Rasasindur

Reference :

1. Jani et al, The role of media in the preparation of vangabhasma and evaluation for hypoglycemic and anti hyperglycemiceffect,MDayuthesis,Gujratayurveduniversity,Jamnagar 2008

2.      Shastri G. Charak samhita with vidhyotani hindi commentary chikitsa sthana 4 ch.Reprint ed.Varanasi: chaukhamba Bharti Academy ;2004.

3.      Quality standards of Indian medicinal plants.


4.      S.K.M.K. Herapathdeniya ,Study on indravati ras,BHU

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DOI : 10.31142/ijahm

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