* Sharma Sangeeta , ** Mangal Gopesh , *** Sharma Sushila

* PhD Scholar, Department of Panchkarma, NIA, Jaipur, India.

** Assistant Professor & Head(I/C), Department of Panchkarma, NIA, Jaipur, India. 

*** Professor, Department of Prasuti Tantra and Striroga, NIA, Jaipur, India.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a endocrinological disease of women in reproductive age. Its prevalence is around 5-10% world wide. Oligomenorrhea, weight gain,hirsuitism,anxiety and depression are some the symptoms of PCOS. It can be compared to Arthavakshaya in specific and Bahudoshavastha in general. It is a case study of a female patient aged 27 years, who presented with complains of PCOS since five years, associated with increased TSH levels and increased lipid profile. She took  both allopathy and homeopathy treatment but could not find the result, so approached NIA, Jaipur for management. Looking into the severity,Sanshodhana that is Vamana and Virechana was planned for the patient. After Shodhana, there was reduction in the ovarian volume and number of non dominant follicles in USG .TSH and Lipid profile came to normal. Symptomatically also patient had relief in her symptoms along with five kg wt reduction.

Keywords: Menstrual disorder, Panchkarma, Hypothyroidism, Shodhana, Artavadosha, Bio-purification.


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