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Dr. Das Nabanita


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There is no direct description of the disease Hypothyroidism  in the classics of Ayurveda. Most Ayurvedic physicians correlate Hypothyroidism with Galaganda which is mentioned in the classics as swelling in the neck. Galaganda resembles Goitre however Goitre has other causes too apart from hypothyroidism. Some scholars even co-relate Kaphaja soth with myxedema of hypothyroidism due to presence of non pitting oedema. All these are but a few clinical features of hypothyroidism where the manifestation is due to defective tissue metabolism. . The main function of Thyroid Hormone is to control the rate of metabolism in the tissues. In Hypothyroidism this rate is slowed down and there is decreased tissue metabolism. This slows down the rate of ATP synthesis, protein synthesis, hampers carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. The hypometabolism that occurs in hypothyroidism is similar to the concept of Manda Agni. Manda Agni leads to the various clinical features similar to features of Hypothyroidism. Accumulation of sub-metabolites like glycosaminoglycans in hypothyroidism, can be co-related with mandagni at the tissue (dhatu) level where decrease in dhatwagni leads to formation of abnormal dhatu(1). Hence we can incorporate the concept of  Mandagni in the treatment of hypothyroidism for better management.

 Key words:  Hypothyroidism, Hypometabolism, Tissue metabolism, Mandagni, Dhatwagni.


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