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IJAHM Latest Issue IJAHM have published its latest issue Vol. 10 Issue 02 2020 published IJAHM Call For Paper invites paper from various Ayurveda & herbal Medicine for Volume 10 Issue 02 March- April 2020 ...... Impact Factor : 4.415

1Dr.Santosh V R, 2Dr.Noor Fathima 

DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.31142/ijahm/v10i1.07

1Assistant Professor,Department of Dravyaguna,JSS Ayurveda Medical College,Mysuru.

2Assistant Professor,Department of Dravyaguna,JSS Ayurveda Medical College,Mysuru. 

Corresponding author:- Dr. Santosh V R

Assistant Professor,Department of Dravyaguna,JSS AyurvedaMedical College, Mysuru.

Contact Address- J S S Ayurveda Medical College, Lalitadripura Road, Mysore-570028 

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Pain is a major public health issue throughout the world.  Both acute and chronic pain is often poorly managed. Persistent pain and many physical and psychological changes and complications associated with it constitute a major health problem. Chronic pain is now considered as a new disease in its own light.1 In Ayurveda the concept of  Vedana - sense of sensation is discussed in different terminology. Among two type of  Vedana-Dukhathmaka Vedana is considered as a disease and need treatment. In classics many drugs have been told to have property of pain management. Thus the plants Gandha prasarini (Paedaria foetida .Linn) & Ratna Gandhi (Caesalpinia pulcherrima .Linn.Sw.) have been taken for the study.

KeyWords : Vedanasthapana, Analgesic,Gandha prasarini (Paedaria foetida .Linn) Ratna Gandhi (Caesalpinia pulcherrima .Linn.Sw.) ,   Eddy’s hot plate.    


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DOI : 10.31142/ijahm

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