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Vd.Bharti.V.Bire1,Vd.MeeraArunAurangabadkar2,Vd.Milind Kamble3, Vd. Pranali Bhende

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1PG Scholar, 2Proffesor & HOD, 3Associate Professor

Department of Rognidan Avum Vikruti Vigyan, Government  Ayurved College & Hospital, Nagpur 


 Ayurveda has successful existence since time immemorial itself proves its scientific approach attributed to its unique Basic principle that remains unchanged till date. One of Such principle is ‘Doshpaka’. Acharya Madhava has elaborated concept as Doshpaka. Doshpaka has been given in relation to the Jwara Vyadhi where the Symptoms of vitiated Dosha decreases i.e. Dosha Prakruti Vaikrutyam, Laghvata in Jwara Lakshanas and Deha occurs, refreshing the Indriyas. Doshpaka had been given in context of Jwara Vyadhi but it is applied in other Vyadhis too. In this study, this basic principle in Bahupittakamla Vyadhi in 30 patients, considering Symptoms of the disease, Symptoms of the Doshpaka, along with pathological investigations in divided follow up from 0, 7, 14, 21, 28 day. As the disease runs in the body the symptoms of the disease regresses, returning of the Dosha to their Samyavastha, suggestive of Doshpaka the same changes were observed in the pathological values reduction of the values and Normalizing, or in some cases the Vyadhi  may involve Dushayas to the deeper extent, symptoms  becoming severe indicating Dhatupaka. Doshaprakruti Vaikrutyam was assessed in the patients by evaluating the Pitta Prakrit karma.



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DOI : 10.31142/ijahm

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