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IJAHM Latest Issue IJAHM have published its latest issue Vol. 8 Issue 02 2018 published IJAHM Call For Paper invites paper from various Ayurveda & herbal Medicine for Volume 8 Issue 02 March-April. 2018 ...... Impact Factor : 4.415

1Priyanka Shivanand. Mds Post Graduate, 2Vandana Kv. Mds Professor, 3Shobha Prakash. Mds

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1,2,3Department of Periodontics, College Of Dental Sciences,  Davangere-577 004

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Corresponding Author:Dr. Priyanka Shivanand

Department(S) And Institution(S) :Department Of Periodontics. College Of Dental Sciences, Davangere

Address: room no 4, Department of Periodontics, College of dental sciences, Davangere-577004

E-mail address:


Gumtone(Acacia arabica), a polyherbal gel, has found to be effective as an antiplaque and antibacterial agent for gingivitis however its effect against periodontal pathogens is not known which causes periodontal diseases. The study was conducted to determine the antimicrobial activity of Gumtone(Acacia arabica) against the periodontal pathogens.


The inhibitory effect and the time-kill curve of Acacia Arabica gel (Gumtone)on Aggregatib -acteractinomycetemcomitans (Aa), Porphyromonasgingivalis(Pg) and Prevotellainter media (Pi) was evaluated. The inhibitory and growth time kill curve were determined using serial dilution methods at 0, 2, 4, 6 and 24hrs.The Gumtone showed bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity against the Aaand Pg with minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) at 0.8 µl/ml, 0.4µl/ml respectively, better bactericidal against Pg.The study shows that Gumtonehas antimicrobial activity against periodontal pathogens like P. gingivalis, A. actinomycetemcomitans,and this raises the possibility that Gumtonemay have therapeutic use for periodontitis in clinical practice.


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