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IJAHM Latest Issue IJAHM have published its latest issue Vol. 8 Issue 02 2018 published IJAHM Call For Paper invites paper from various Ayurveda & herbal Medicine for Volume 8 Issue 02 March-April. 2018 ...... Impact Factor : 4.415

Shaveta  Bhardwaj1, Shashidhar Mehta2,  Suhasini Bhatnagar2, Puneet Sudan3, Rajesh Pandey4

 Paper Index :

1.      Assistant Professor, PCTE Group of Institutes, Badowal, Ludhiana.


2.      Department of Biochemistry, Mewar University, Rajasthan.


3.       Chandigarh College of Pharmacy, Landran, Punjab.

 All Excel Inc., 135 Wood Street Suite 201 West Haven, CT 06516.


Among the various medical complications, neuropathic pain has emerged as the one with the most dreadful and griming which grounds serious threatening conditions by causing severe damage to the blood vessels. This damage is owed to the various alterations caused in the blood capillaries, which supply blood to the various body parts and results in the morbidity and eventually mortality. It being one of the most prevalent disorders and incurs a compelling need for its prevention and cure or treatment This review is aimed at giving an account of the various herbal plants which have till now shown successful results in their employment as a possible treatment of neuropathic pain. Some more studies need to be done for their validation so that they can not only actively substitute or be used in conjunction with the present options of treatment in order to give best results which can prevent or cure this disorder effectively but also restore the damage done to the neuropathic patient.

Key-words: The Peers, Pornography Access, Adolescents Sexual Behavior.

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