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 1Dr. SapnaNarasanagi,2Dr.Sujnana.V.S. ,3Dr. Shreevathsa, HOD

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 1,2,3Dept. of PG Studies in Ayurveda Samhita &Siddhanta, GAMC, Mysore



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Ayurveda provide unique treatment modalities and medicaments for the disease conditions. In Charaka Samhita classifications of drugs are made based on Karmas (actions) called asMahakashayaa Dashemani (group of ten drugs) and these are classified into 50 groups. Varnya Dashemani(group of complexion enhancing drugs) is one such group which is said to be more effective in curing the aliments related with skin complexion. In the present study a case of Topical steroid-dependent face - Acne rosaceawas administered with VarnyaMahakashayaGhanavati (250mg 4 tabs /BD) and VarnyaMahakashayachurna(powder) for 15 days and the formulation has provided significant relief in symptoms. Hence it can be considered that VarnyaMahakashayadrugs can be useful in treating Acne rosacea and can be taken for further clinical trials.


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