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Parveen Kumar*

DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.18535/ijahm/v7i5.03

Asstt. Prof. Deptt. of Panchkarma. Dayanand Ayurvedic College, jalandhar. Punjab.


Sandhigata Vata is a disease of the elderly. Life style, excessive weight, trauma and diet deficient in calcium are some of the risk/causative factors. Rooksha Aahar and ativyaama cause vitiation of vaata. It mainly affects weight-bearing joints of the body specially knee, hip, lumbar spine. Being commonest form of articular disorders, sandhigata vata poses a huge hindrance in day to day activities of the sufferer like walking, dressing and bathing etc. The common presentation of the disease is in the form of Shula, Sotha, Vata poornadriti sparsha and difficulty in flexion and extension of the Sandhi. Available treatment options include use of NSAID’s, calcium supplementation and ultimately joint replacement. Here is a case of bilateral knee Osteoarthritis who was advised arthroplasty. After completion of the therapy, significant improvement was seen in pain, swelling, range of movement and walking distance. The patient was successfully managed with internal medication & Janu basti therapy. With increasing towards ayurveda, a large number of patients, after taking allopathic treatment for long durations, are coming to the Ayurveda hospitals and find very good relief. It can be concluded that severe osteoarthritis may be managed with Ayurvedic intervention and use of baahyaparimaarjana chikitsa requires to be exploited to a greater extent owing to its higher safety and efficacy profile.


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