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Dr Maganti Anuradha

 Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Ayurveda College and Hospital, Nazarathpettai, Thiruvallur (dt), CHENNAI, Opp to Panimalar Engineering College 600123 India 

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Infertility is a multi factorial condition. Immunological factor is one among the many factors responsible for infertility which is encountered in 5% cases. Presence of antisperm antibodies is both male and female immunological factor. In females, cervical mucus may produce antibodies to the sperm which may affect fertility by either sperm immobilization or sperm agglutination. If ASAB are found in cervical mucus, the couple is advised to use condom or a diaphragm as a barrier method for 3 months. During this period, the antibodies gradually disappear and once the mucus is found to be normal, conception is attempted. The presence of serum antibodies has a bad prognosis and IVF & GIFT technique is offered. The present article is a case presentation of the presence of ASAB in the serum of female partner. In this study treatment is given following Ayurvedic principles and the results are found to be encouraging. Yoni prakshalanam with Triphala Kashayam and Yoni Pichu with Jatyadi tailam reduced Serum ASAB. The yogas that are used have drugs that contain krimihara property. In general when an infection occurs, body produces antibodies to fight the infection. Here antibodies are produced against sperm considering them as foreign bodies. This aspect is taken as a main point and drugs containing krimihara property are used and it found to be successful.

Key words: Infertility, Immunological factor, antisperm antibodies, cervical factor, triphala kashayam, jatyadi tailam


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