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Impact Factor : 4.415 ...... IJAHM Latest Issue IJAHM have published its latest issue Vol. 9 Issue 02 2019 published IJAHM Call For Paper invites paper from various Ayurveda & herbal Medicine for Volume 9 Issue 01 March - April 2019

1. Biochemical & Morfological  Responses Of Zea Mays  To Drought Stress In Green House 

Habibeh zare , Bahram behzadi ,Mohammad reza zangeneh 

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2. Depression And Its Ayurvedic Management

*Dr. Gautam J. Bhaisare ** Dr. Hemraj Meena  *** Dr. C. R. Yadav

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3. Murraya Koenigii: An Updated Review

Vandana Jain*1, Munira Momin1, Kirti Laddha 

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4. Significance Of Anupana In Diet And Drug

Dr. Vipan kr. Saraswat1 Dr. Balram2 Dr. Sumit Nathani3 Dr Mohan Lal jaiswal4 Dr.Meeta kotecha5

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5. Development Of Herbal Drugs In The Treatmen Of Jaundice– An Overview”

Kuncha Jayachandra*1 and  V.Sharmila Devi 2

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6. Orthopedics In India

Dr. Hemant D. Toshikhane, M.S.(Ayu)1, (PhD),   Dr S A Patil MS(Ay.) 2 Dr Shilpa  M P MS(Ay.) 1 Dr Praadeep Shindhe MS(Ay.) 1  Dr  Pallavi Hegde MS(Ay.) 1a

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7. Assessment Of Invitro Nitric Oxide Scavenging Activity Of Ethanolic And Aqueous Extracts Of Trianthema Decandra (Aizoaceae)

Kuncha Jayachandra*1 ,  Dr. Jalari  Ramu2,

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8. Indigenous Uses Of Threatened Ethno-Medicinal Plants Used To Cure Different Diseases By Ethnic People Of Almora District Of Western Himalaya

Priti Kumari 1,2, Girish C Joshi1*, Lalit M Tewari2

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9. A Study On The Casue-Effect Theory About The Utility Of Mantra Among Various Places In Classical Ayurveda Texts

Vd. Kamble Yogendra D.1 Dr.  Nampalliwar Amit R.2*

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10. Management of Asthikshaya (Osteopenia /Osteoporosis) By Laksha Guggulu and Mukta Shukti Pishti

1Dr.Siddaram Arawatti    2Dr.Uttam Kumar   3Dr.Seema Murthy   4Dr. Narinder Singh  5Dr. M.K. Shringi

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11. Concept of Ahara, Nidra, Brahmacharya for Enhancing Spirituality

Dr. Sangeeta Shyammurti Mishra **Dr. Arvind Kumar Gupta   ***Dr. Shrawan Singh Charan****Dr. Kedar Lal Meena

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*Dr. Arvind Kumar Gupta#   **Dr. Sharvan Singh Charan ***Dr. Anjali Goyal ****Dr. Sangeeta S. Mishra  *****Dr. Kedar Lal Meena

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13. Quantitative analysis of Copper in arthritic joint effusion and its correlation with Allopathy and Ayurvedic medicinal system.

Bagla H1*, Karvat A1, Londhe V2, Savrikar S3and Sabnis M4.

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14. Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical investigation of Geniosporum prostratum(L) Benth

Gaurav Sharma1, Dr. Lalit Nagar2, Dr. Ashashri Shinde3, Dr. Sudipt Rath4, Dr. Naresh Khemani5

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