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1. Professor & Head, Department of Streerog & Prasutitantra, S. S. Ayurved College, Panchavati, Nashik, M.S.-422003, Email Id:

2. Associate Professor & Head, Department of Panchakarma, S.S.Ayurved College, Panchavati, Nashik.M.S. Email Id:


  10 % of the world population suffer from sterility. 80 % of the couples achieve conception if they then desire, within one year of having regular intercourse with adequate frequency. Infertility is a failure to conceive within one or more years of regular unprotected coitus. Infertility is the social stigma in our country, particularly in urban areas, which affects the couples psychological harmony, sexual life and socialfunctioning.                                                                                                                                                                                  Male infertility has got less attention, even though it is widely described. According to a population study, in 30% of the infertile couples problem lies for males.The most common reason for infertility in male is the inability to produce adequate number of healthy sperms leading to oligospermia. Ksheenashukra is one of the major variety of shukradosha, explained in ayurveda.In ksheenashukra there is diminished level of shukra both quantitatively and qualitatively which ultimately leads to childless couples.In ayurvedic text, many herbal preparations mentioned in management of ksheenashukra.Bala-tail Utterbasti said to be vrushya, hence can be considered as ideal treatment for shukradosha.This present study is intended, to clinical evaluation of action Bala-tail Utterbasti in oligospermia. Currently several modern medical therapies along with surgeries are available to overcome this disorder causing mental and social discomfort. The case study included Oligospermia; the objective of present study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the Bala-tail Utterbasti (i.e.insertion of oil-based medicine through urethra into the bladder cavity). Uttar basti has an ancient medical reference of renowned ayurvedic surgeon ‘Sushruta’ in his text Sushrut Samhita Sharirstan2/10.In reference with this context, a clinical study using Bala-tail Utterbasti was performed to evaluate its efficacy in infertility disorders 



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