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Dr.Todkari Dinesh Prakash*

Paper Index :05.2015-xxxxxxx

Asst. Prof.,Dept of Samhita Siddhant, Dhanwantari Ayurveda Medical College, Udgir, Maharashtra, India



The contemporary lifestyle disorders in India today impose a heavy load on the society and are a new national actuality. Amlapitta (Gastritis) is a very common emerging disease which is an abnormal pathological condition of pitta occurring due to faulty dietary habits, persistent intense stress, excess alcohol consumption, spicy and oily food. Here a single patient case study was done with pre test, follow up and post test evaluation by intervening a dravya Shatavari in granule form prescribed in 4 gm dosage daily in two divided doses before meals. A Proforma was designed containing Pathyaapathya which was advised to patient. Through this case study it was concluded that shatavari granules and advised Pathyaapathya regimen was helpful in curing amlapitta and maintain quality of life.


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DOI : 10.31142/ijahm

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